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My art is like a song, first in the distance, I hear it softly.
The tune catches a place in my heart and I feel it closer.
It goes from a few disconnected notes and keeps swelling.
I hear the song completely.
I see it in my mind.
I hear it in my heart.
It moves me in a dance, the flames of the torch, the softness of the fabric.
I see it, piece by piece, come together in my hands.
I recognize it as the notes I first heard in the distance.
A mixture of mediums is how my art is made.
It could be fibers, gently teased apart to become felt or ceramics fired in my kiln.
It could be precise sewing, either by hand or machine, each stitch evenly spaced.
Often it’s metal, cut and welded, manipulated and shaped by heat.
Sometimes it’s done in quiet meditation in comfort and seclusion.
Sometimes it’s in my welding shop, where it’s hot and gritty and I have to pay close attention because it is dangerous.
No matter which one of the mediums I am using I hear the music and I dance.

Nancy Geren

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