I would tuck you in

One of my most favorite things in the world is reading a story to my 7 year old grandson before he falls asleep. He chooses a story and we snuggle under the covers to share it.

Lately it has been the same book, over and over.

Written by Sarah Asper-Smith and illustrations by Mitchell Watley, it is a delightful book set in wildlife Alaska. Each animal has an elder who loves them so much they would…..

His favorite page is the sea otter

I knew he would start school and with the Covid restrictions we would not be able to read his favorite story so I wanted to make something that he could take home and relive our nightly experience.
It started with a box frame that opened in front. I stained it…


I created a “sea” and printed the verbiage of his favorite page

I felted wool into “sea kelp”

I put the “sea kelp” into the the box frame

In the meantime I had felted an elder and youngster sea otter.

I put the finished sea otters into their kelp forest bed

He LOVED his gift and set it in the bed to see again first thing in the morning.
I am not a porcupine, or a humpback whale, or a walrus or any of the beautiful animals illustrated in the wonderful book. I am a Nana and I will kiss him goodnight and watch as his eyes close on the day.

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